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Testosterone Therapy


Benefits Include *
  • Increased libido

  • Decreased fatigue

  • Overall better health

  • Improved memory and cognitive functions

  • I have a lack of energy.

  • I've felt a decrease in strength and/or endurance.

  • I've noticed a decrease in "enjoyment of life."

  • I often feel sad and/or grumpy.

  • I have a decreased sex drive.

  • I have lost height.

  • I often fall asleep after dinner.

  • I've noticed a deterioration in my ability to play sports.

  • My erections are less strong than they used to be.

  • I've noticed a deterioration in my work performance.

  • I often have trouble keeping my mind on task.

  • None of the Above

Read the low Testosterone assessment questions below to find out if you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

Think you might have low Testosterone?


Medically Supervised Testosterone Therapy
Initial Consultation...........................$150.00
  • Review medical history/medications

  • evaluation

  • order lab 

  • Insurance - lab draw submitted to insurance

  • Cash pay will be figured at time of visit, based on what is ordered

  • Follow-up visits $80
    Generally scheduled 6 weeks after initial visit,

    then every 3 months to 6 months

  • Recommend Topical Testosterone Cream
    (compounded at Our Home Pharmacy) monthly approx. $50.00

  • Best bioavailability - matches normal circadian rhythm

  • Other options are once or twice weekly injections

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