"First and foremost, knowing and not knowing you are addicted is a rude awakening.  When I realized my sad reality, I was in too deep.  I was terrified.  I also did not know that there was hope.  I was tired of begin controlled by a substance, I wanted help.  I started the program December 2012, not only did I find help and a  new start,  I also found a father.  Dr. Gene Gordon saved my life.  I love him and his receptionist Valarie.  If you are tired of drowning, come join our family.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel."
Auburn, AL
"The staff here are wonderful people.  They saved my life."
Opelika, AL
This place has helped me so much!  The doctors are very nice and personable.  No judgement!  Valarie the Office Manager, is great!  Do not feel afraid to make that next step and ask for help.  This is the place to get the help and assistance you need!"
Opelika, AL
Opelika, AL
"I tried everything and didn’t know what to do. But thanks to the Suboxone treatment I have my life back."
Before I came here, or at least made the decision to come here, I was at rock bottom.  These last 4 months have changed my life!  I's been shown there's more to life than addiction.  Make the decision.  I promise it's the right one.  Staff is great!
Phenix City, AL
The doctor's at Medical Wellness have shown me how to live my life without the need for constantly seeking that next high.  They take the time to get to know you and work to find a treatment plan that fits your life--with improvement you never thought possible.  Dr.'s Cunningham and Gordon genuinely care about helping to get your life back on track.
Auburn, AL
Dr. Gordon is not only a fantastic doctor, he's an exceptional human being!  He puts you at ease from the moment you're introduced, does not judge you, no matter how horrific a situation you've been in.  He listens to every concern, reassures you when you are scared and helps you gain your confidence.  Although he is not required to, he attentively listens to all problems in your life.  Whether personal, emotional or medical. He does not OVER prescribe (which is excellent) because he does not addict people for profit!!  The best doctor I've met in my life!
Auburn, AL
I have been a patient for 3 1/2 years.  Dr. "G" and Dr. "C" changed my life!  Forever grateful!
Auburn, AL
My entire life was headed downhill when I first came to Medical Wellness Solutions.  The financial drain was making my personal and professional life unbelievably difficult.  After my first visit, everything changed for the better.  I have not looked back since.  The doctors here care about their patients very much and it shows.
Montgomery, Alabama