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Refresh, Renew, Revive

We are now performing Telemedicine visits for

weight loss for Alabama residents!

Please review our weight loss page for details! 

The pricing for the weight loss telemedicine visits is the same as our in-office visits. Visits can be scheduled by contacting Kim at 334-209-1061.

Telemedicine visits require payment at the time of scheduling your visitThere is a 24-hour cancellation policy. The visit can be rescheduled, if needed, with at least a 24-hour notice. All cancellations after 24 hours will forfeit the payment made. 

During your weight loss telemedicine visit, we are only able to prescribe non-controlled medications (Semaglutide) to assist with weight loss. Controlled medications, such as Adipex (Phenterimine) require an in-office visit. 


Once your telemedicine visit is complete, we can send a prescription to the local pharmacy, ship your Semaglutide injections via UPS express service, or they can be picked up at our office. 


Your shipment will be sent in an insulated shipping box with an ice pack to keep your medications cool. We can ship your Semaglutide injections or Lipo injections for $25 via 2-day UPS shipping. 

If you prefer for someone to pick up your Semaglutide from our office, they will need to contact our office and set up a pickup time, to ensure we are in the office. They must bring a valid picture ID and will have to sign for the medication. Your medication needs to be refrigerated. We recommend that they bring a small cooler with ice to keep the medication cool.   


We are not responsible for any medications once they have been picked up, signed for, and have left the office. 


Our new weight loss program is medically-supervised. It includes counseling, coaching, accountability, as well as medications, to help patients lose weight and get down to their goal weight at an affordable price! To read more about Semaglutide injections, go to the "What We Offer" tab and then click on "Weight Loss Program" or click on the button below.

What We Are About

Medical Wellness Solutions is not a primary care office. We specialize in specific areas of treatment, such as Suboxone, Testosterone Therapy, and our Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Program.

Take Control Of Your Life Today!

We do not accept any form of insurance for office visits. We do accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, or patients may use a health savings account. We will assist patients in using their insurance for prescribed medications, and laboratory studies. We will also perform prior authorizations for prescribed medications if required by insurance provider. 


Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Call us at 334-209-1061 or fill out the

contact form below for more information.

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