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Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction? Drug abuse? Overuse of prescribed medications? Recurrent withdrawals? Is your life consumed by prescription medications that control you, your time, and your finances?

 Through our program of counseling, life coaching, and appropriate use of Suboxone- Your situation can be changed! You can gain control of your life and have a new start!

We Have The Answers

Suboxone is an excellent tool to end the cycle of craving, abuse and withdrawals. lifestyle
modification, counseling and life coaching are the cornerstone of our outpatient program in addition to the prescribing of Suboxone.

Suboxone is an FDA approved mixed opiate agonist/antagonist medication that is taken daily to stop the cycle of craving, opioid abuse and withdrawal. It is a tool that helps patients with addiction be successful with sobriety.

Visits include the urine drug screening at each visit but not lab

confirmation testing which is required periodically.

Initial visit $250
Follow up visits $150


How We Work

No Hidden Fees

Suboxone is prescribed only by providers certified by the Drug Enforcement Agency for the treatment of opioid dependence.  It is prescribed in our office during your regular monthly visits.

We do not provide methadone at our clinic. Methadone can only be prescribed at methadone
centers that require daily visits and dispensing of methadone.

All risks and benefits of treatment will be fully discussed with our certified providers before any prescriptions are written. The initiation, maintenance and phasing will be discussed with the start of treatment. The timetable of how long the patient needs to be on Suboxone varies and is individualized to each patient.

Regular monthly visits with urine drug screens to ensure compliance with our program and office policies are required. Discontinuation of all illicit and non-prescribed medications is required.

 A key to success is the keeping of all scheduled appointments by patients.

I tried everything and didn’t know what to do. But thanks to the Suboxone treatment I have my life back.

Take Control Of Your Life Today!

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